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What's your story

'What's your story?' offers students (from cycle 4 to high school students) and young people to discover the importance of archives, collective memory and heritage conservation through the narration of their own personal and family history.

During four to five sessions, the participating kids and adolescents will be invited to carry out a real investigation into their family's past in general and their migration backgrounds more in particular, in order to build a narrative including family photographs, text, a contemporary self-portrait, a sound creation. Each of these will be presented at the heart of a dedicated exhibition. Each individual story will thus be added to the others to build a collective story.

It is an immense cartography of migrations in Luxembourg that will be built over time as the workshops progress.

Project Phases
  1. Session 1: Introduction
    Introduction and visit of the CNA archives.
    Explanation of the different stages of the project.
    Delivery of the guide to start the research.
    Duration: 1h30 minimum
    Location: CNA, Dudelange
  2. Between session 1 and 2: Research
    By following a guide distributed at the end of the first session, the participants will carry out a survey of their personal stories with their families.
    They will question those around them to gather the necessary information about their family history and collect documents (photographs, objects, etc.) relating to the information obtained.
    Duration: 2 weeks
    Location: Home
  3. Session 2: Presentation, organization and writing
    Each participant presents the results of their research, organizes them and writes their story with the help of the CNA team
    Duration: 2h00
    Location: School
  4. Session 3: Production
    During this session, the participants will produce the different elements that will constitute their story for the final exhibition:
    Making a self-portrait
    Scan selected documents
    Audio recording of each story
    Duration: 2-3 hours depending on the number of participants and age
    Location: CNA
  5. Session 4: Installation

During this last session, the participants will install their creations within the exhibition space and will write their stories on the walls.

If they want to (and depending on the exhibition space) the participants will be able to complement their contribution with a performance at the vernissage, in the presence of the public.

Duration: approximately 1h30

Location: Exhibition venue

Practical Info

Public: Children and adolescents aged 10 to 18. Funamental schools, high schools, relay houses, Jugendhaus of the six municipalities chosen by the CNA within the framework of Esch2022.

Duration: 7h to 10h, divided into 4 sessions + personal work to be done at home

Price: Free

Languages: Luxembourgish, French, German, English.


To register, please submit your request via email to the address email hidden; JavaScript is required with the following information:

  • Name of the school
  • Name of teacher
  • Class level
  • Number of students