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What is the CNA?

A platform open to the general public as well as a professional institution, the CNA was created in 1989 and placed under the helm of the Ministry of Culture. The institute's main mission is to preserve and promote Luxembourg's audiovisual heritage and to make its large resources of moving image, photography and sound accessible to all through exhibitions, publications, screenings, conferences and other events open to a large audience.

How can I contact the CNA?

You can get in touch with us:

  • via mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • by phone : (+352) 52 24 24 1
  • via the contact sheet on our website:
What is the value of the CNA’s archival collection? Why is it important?

CNA’s creation demonstrates a clear and conscious attempt to create an infrastructure responsible for the preservation of audiovisual heritage (moving image, photography and sound). Additionally, as a key player in Luxembourg’s digital strategy network, it is tasked with introducing new means of communication and storytelling that captures the present, preserves the past and works toward the future.

Its primary mission is to “ensure the safeguarding of the national audiovisual heritage through legal deposit, voluntary deposit, donation or purchase of audiovisual, cinematographic, sound and photographic documents, produced on the national territory and made available to the public regardless of their technical production processes, publishing or distribution, to which can be attached documents produced abroad and in particular those of significant importance for this same heritage”

How can I participate in this constitution of Luxembourg’s collective memory?

Help us to collect and preserve the audiovisual memory of Luxembourg by developing our archive funds through deposits, donations or bequests!

  • Legal deposit - In this case, the physical items become the property of the CNA. The copyright remains with the original copyright holder. The exact conditions are detailed in a Grand-Ducal Regulation.[1] You can find all our information sheets concerning any legal deposits here.
  • Donation – ownership of the items transfers to the CNA. Copyright may also be conveyed partially or in full as part of this transaction but usually rests with the original copyright holder. The Médiathèque, at times, receives donations of books fitting the collection policy, which are either integrated into the Médiathèque or into the archives, depending on the document’s physical and cultural value.
  • Deposit – items are lodged with the CNA but ownership and copyright remain with the depositor. According to the contract signed with the depositor, the CNA may manage the access, publication and re-use rights. Retrieval of Items for which the CNA has invested resources in are subject to monetary compensation from the depositor.

  • Bequest – the CNA welcomes such contributions on the basis of agreed selection and relevance.
I have a sound document and I don't know what's on it. Can I listen to it at the CNA?

Whether the CNA can extract the contents and give you a digital copy depends on the type of support and its condition as well as the availability of our technician.