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What exactly is 'Esch 2022'?

In 2022, together with 10 PRO-SUD municipalities, and 8 municipalities in France, in the Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val l’Alzette (CCPHVA), Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg’s second largest city, will be European Capital of Culture. Each year this label is awarded to a different city or area within the European Union.

Under the slogan REMIX Culture and its four sub-sections REMIX Art, REMIX Europe, REMIX Nature and REMIX Yourself, Esch2022 aims to create synergies, guarantee sustainable development and, most importantly, ensure that the general public gets actively involved.

Esch2022 offers a space of freedom and recreation that encourages us to bring new perspectives to our lives in order to strengthen this sense of common identity and trust and thus create a legacy of which we can be proud. Esch2022 encourages cultural diversity to foster personal growth. Inspire others and let others inspire you.

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Where can I find the entire programming for Esch 2022 ?

You can check out the complete program for Esch 2022 - European Capital of Culture on the association's website!

When will the CNA be visiting my municipality?

If you live in one of the municipalities targeted by the 'our archive. your story' project, namely Bettembourg, Dudelange, Sanem, Differdange, Kayl and Villerupt, you can discover all the dates on which the CNA will be present in your municipality here.