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Does the CNA offer a scanning/digitization service?

Have you found documents whose content you are unable to read (e.g. negatives on flexible support or glass plate) or for which you no longer have the device to read them (e.g. slide projector)? Unfortunately, the CNA does not offer a scanning or digitalization service for your documents that is open to everyone. Only documents included in its collections can benefit from it. We invite you, depending on the type of document you have, to seek out professional help from places offering scanning and digitization services for individuals.

When digitizing film, can you remove failed images from the film? Can you put music on the film? Can you correct the colors?

No, the CNA digitizes the films as they are. There is no editing, sound or color grading (unless the images or the entire film are used by the CNA).

Can the CNA do any restoration work on my documents?

Unfortunately, the CNA does not provide a restoration service.