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Which documents can I deposit in the CNA’s collections?

Have a look at our collection policy for all information on the selection criteria our archives here. As part of the our archive project. your story., even more precise selection criteria have been established - you can consult them here.

Is there a charge for submitting my documents?

No, there is no charge for the deposit. The costs of digitizing, preserving and processing the collection of documents deposited are payed for by the CNA.

Can I drop off my documents at the CNA reception or do I have to make an appointment?

No, you cannot drop off your documents at the CNA without an appointment. You can complete the deposit form on the CNA website and you will be contacted by an employee of the acquisition department to schedule a meeting.

Is it possible for the CNA to come to my place to see and evaluate my documents if it is a large deposit?

Yes, the CNA can come and view a deposit proposal on site. You can complete the deposit form on the CNA website, you will be contacted by an employee of the acquisition department to schedule a meeting at your home.

Does the CNA do a screening and selection of my documents (eg large filing)?

No, the depositor is in charge of sorting and selecting, as far as possible, the documents he wishes to deposit.

Does the CNA take care of the transport of my documents to its facilities (eg large deposit)?

For large deposits or those requiring special transport, the CNA can take care of the transport. The exact terms of transport will be defined by the acquisition department in concertation with the depositor.

I found some documents that I do not own, can I donate them to the CNA?

No, unfortunately the holders of economic or moral rights must be identified before a document can be deposited.

I share the rights to the documents with other rights holders, do I have to have their agreement to deposit these documents?

Yes, all legal beneficiaries must agree to the deposit.

How will my documents be processed? / How and where are my documents archived?

The documents are kept according to norms and standards in preventive conservation and in air-conditioned premises.

Will I receive a digitized copy of my submitted documents? In what timeframe? Do I have to pay for this copy?

Yes, you can obtain a free digital copy of your submitted documents upon request.
However, the CNA does not offer copies of documents on CD. You will receive your digital copies via an online download link. The waiting period for this digital copy depends on the quality and quantity of your submitted documents and the availability of our team. An approximate time will be communicated to you in advance.

Will my submitted documents be available online to the public?

For the moment, the CNA does not have an online catalog.

Can I get my originals back after the deposit?

No, generally speaking the CNA keeps the originals so that they are preserved in ideal conditions according to conservation norms and standards, while the depositor receives a digital copy.

Do I have access to my original documents?

No, for conservation reasons the original documents must remain in the archives, a digital copy will be sent to you (on request) to have access to the content.

Does the CNA buy my documents?

When it comes to amateur documents, the CNA generally does not buy them but favors deposits.

Can I drop off any material (cameras, projectors, etc.)?

No, unfrotunately the CNA only keeps audiovisual documents but not objects such as cameras, projectors, etc.

I have a collection of vinyl records and / or CDs (commercially released), is the CNA interested in this?

No, collections of vinyl records and/or CDs unfortunately do not fall within the CNA's selection criteria and are therefore not included in our collections.

I am a musician and I recorded a CD. Can I deposit my CD at the CNA?

CDs (as well as films) produced in Luxembourg must be deposited at the CNA through legal deposit. The legal deposit is a mandatory procedure that must be carried out without the CNA having to ask for the documents. You can find all the information on legal deposit here.

Can I deposit my sheet music collection at the CNA?

No, the CNA does not collect sheet music or musical scores. However, the CENTER D'ETUDES ET DE DOCUMENTATION MUSICALES (CEDOM) of the Bibliothèque nationale does collect and preserve musical documents. More info here.