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Here you will find our selection requirements for the acquisition of documents within the framework of this project. The more your objects and documents correspond to these criteria, the more likely it is that they will be selected to be integrated into our funds.

Topics and themes of interest to the CNA:
  • daily life and its socio-cultural dimension in the south of Luxembourg
  • popular festivals (eg. Kiermes)
  • shops and businesse
  • Sports and musical clubs and associations
  • neighborhood life
  • schools
  • sports
  • health
  • migration
  • Agriculture and Livestock
  • people at work
  • women's work (Women in industry and commerce, women at work)
Topics and themes of interest to our photo archives
  • Dudelange

    Topic: businesses owned by citizens of italian origin
    Era : 1900-1980

    Topic: Quartier Schmelz
    Era: 1900-1980

    Topic: Nuddelsfabrik (pasta factory)
    Era: 1880-1930

  • Differdange

    Topic : football-club Niederkorn Progrès
    Era: 1919 to today

    Topic : private photographs of the 'Multi Kulti' festival
    Era : 1999 to today

  • Bettembourg

    Topic: Parc Merveilleux
    Era: 1950s-1960s

    Topic : bicycle races
    Era : 19th century to today

    Topic: Château de Bettembourg and villa Jaquinot
    Era : 19th century to today

  • Sanem

    Topic: national Boulodrome
    Era : 2011 to today

    Topic: Château de Sanem
    Era : 19th century to today

    Thème : 'Metil' factory
    Era : 1958-2005

  • Villerupt

    Topic: Miners strike
    Era : 1948

    Topic : Cité de Butte (housing project)
    Era : 1870-1950

    Topic : Usine de Micheville (factory)
    Era : 19th century, up until 1973

  • Kayl

    Topic : Schungfabrik
    Era : 1912-1980
Topics and themes of interest to our sound archives
  • testimonials from individuals and/or public figures on historical events, cultural or traditional uses, or daily life in the past
  • recordings of historical events (speeches, inaugurations, festivities, sport, culture, politics)
  • recordings of traditional songs (popular songs, workers' songs, musical pieces)
Sites and places of interest to the CNA:
  • DUDELANGE: quartier Schmelz, quartier Italie, outdoor swimming pool, Dudelange hospital
  • BETTEMBOURG: Parc Merveilleux, Villa Jacquinot, Place de l'église, Château de Bettembourg, Gare
  • SANEM: Château de Sanem, Place de la mairie, café Chaplin
  • DIFFERDANGE: shopping street
  • KAYL: Schongfabrik, Blummemoart
  • VILLERUPT: Cité Butte, Place de la mairie, usine de Micheville
Historic eras
  • FILM: everything from before 1950 and, on selection, after 1950
  • AUDIO: everything from the period between 1920 and 2000
  • PHOTO: everything dating from the 19th century until today
  • FILM: all media from 8 to 16mm (8mm, super 8, 9.6mm, 16mm) and in video format: HI8, DV and VHS
  • AUDIO: 1/4 inch magnetic tapes, cassettes, mini-discs, CDs, digital files, no micro-cassettes, no DAT cassettes